SWMRT veteran N S Ramakanth inaugurates steel plate bank at Tatanagar

Mr N S Ramakanth (centre) at the Independence Day celebrations held in Tatanagar, Bengaluru.

Not a day goes without our most-respected SWM veteran Mr N S Ramakanth doing something significant to mitigate the garbage crisis in Bengaluru.

On this Independence Day, he was invited as chief guest by Namma Tatanagar where he inaugurated 100 sets of a steel plate and cutlery bank to avoid one-time disposables. He spoke at length on plastic ban and stressed the importance of “our waste, our responsibility”. He also demonstrated the use of natural cleaners called “bioenzymes” to wash utensils.

Bioenzymes, as you might know, carry no chemicals as they are made out of discarded citrus peels, jaggery and water. As a result, they do not leave behind a trail of tragedy on soil, air or water. They are safe to use and help build immunity.

At 80, Mr Ramakanth does believe in an India that will process its waste sustainably. It’s up to us and the future generation to respect this sentiment and carry it forward.

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