Ramakanth holds 12 marathon SWM sessions for choultry & street vendors assn

Veteran SWM activist N S Ramakanth holding an awareness session at Hebbal on 21st August. Choultry owners, members from street vendors associations were present.

SWM is never a done deal. It’s always work in progress. It demands nothing less than never-dying passion and enthusiasm from you. And the epitome of these qualities is Solid Waste Managment Round Table founder member N S Ramakanth. Continue reading “Ramakanth holds 12 marathon SWM sessions for choultry & street vendors assn”


SWMRT veteran N S Ramakanth inaugurates steel plate bank at Tatanagar

Mr N S Ramakanth (centre) at the Independence Day celebrations held in Tatanagar, Bengaluru.

Not a day goes without our most-respected SWM veteran Mr N S Ramakanth doing something significant to mitigate the garbage crisis in Bengaluru. Continue reading “SWMRT veteran N S Ramakanth inaugurates steel plate bank at Tatanagar”

Do not leave out waste-pickers from Karnataka’s waste management bylaws


With the Directorate of Municipal Administration, Karnataka, leaving out the waste-pickers who have been the backbone of everything to do with solid waste management thus far in its draft of the Karnataka Municipal Corporation Model Solid Waste Management Bylaws-2018 released on the 10/07/2018, here’s the feedback from Solid Waste Management Round Table (SWMRT) which has raised its objections to the same. 

Our submission is to also consider the same feedback for the draft Karnataka Municipalities Solid Waste Management Bylaws 2018 as well. Continue reading “Do not leave out waste-pickers from Karnataka’s waste management bylaws”

Growing my own food and growing as a person

At the launch of OFYT’s website at Mydreamgarden in Bengaluru recently. OTG veteran Dr Vishwanath Narayan (third from right) shares nuggets of wisdom on growing one’s own food.

By Vani Murthy

Nearly 10 years ago, I visited a landfill, saw the destruction citizens like me left behind somewhere on the outskirts of the city that wreaked havoc on the people living around. This experience changed the course of my life forever.

As I began digging deeper and started observing every mundane act of mine from my changed perspective about everything to do with waste, I met some of the most passionate, caring and environmentally responsible people in this journey. What more, I also realised that I had a passion brewing somewhere deep inside: converting organic waste into compost. Continue reading “Growing my own food and growing as a person”