Love to get my hands dirty with this kind of shit!

Earthworms are amazing creatures that keep our soil healthy by pooping out rich castings. One way to keep the worms happy and content is to feed them with good quality cow poop. I mean, cow dung.

So here’s how I go about it: I soak plenty of dry leaves in fresh cow dung slurry and after a month, I add them to my worm bin. The leaves breakdown faster now, the poop attracts the worms and soon, I have rich castings to feed my plants and the plants in turn feed me by giving me my organic, super-healthy veggies without a trace of harmful chemicals. This beautiful cycle continues when I put the leftovers back into my composting bins.

The truth is this is how I love to get my hands dirty with this kind of shit!

By Vani Murthy

vani murthy

Vani Murthy, the queen of composting, 
a renowned urban farmer and passionate citizen leader, is one of the most active campaigners for sustainable SWM in Bengaluru and beyond. She started her SWM journey in 2008 with the Wealth Out of Waste programme and set out on awareness campaigns for her co-citizens in Malleswaram. She is a founding member of SWMRT and We Care for Malleswaram.


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