HSR activists turn night-time vigilante groups to stop garbage dumping

Concerned citizens busy keeping a tight vigil at night in HSR Layout to prevent irresponsible people from dumping mixed waste in street corners indiscriminately at odd hours.

This used to be a common sight in HSR: BBMP workers standing in knee-deep mixed waste and loading the autos even as they segregated and picked up anything recyclable. These workers’ hands and feet would often be cut by glass shards, infected by hazardous waste. This would force them to skip work often. Mounds of mixed waste filled the landfills day after day, contaminating the soil and affecting the lives of the people living nearby. Empathy towards these people brought together volunteers with a common purpose: to reduce our waste going for landfilling. Ward 174 (HSR) and Ward 173 (Jakkasandra) having active volunteer groups showed to the rest of Bangalore that with citizen participation, we can achieve the impossible. Continue reading “HSR activists turn night-time vigilante groups to stop garbage dumping”


Love to get my hands dirty with this kind of shit!

Earthworms are amazing creatures that keep our soil healthy by pooping out rich castings. One way to keep the worms happy and content is to feed them with good quality cow poop. I mean, cow dung. Continue reading “Love to get my hands dirty with this kind of shit!”

A little about my own tryst with composting & all about walking that extra green mile


Plants, as the curriculum in my 4th grade environment textbook stated, were living organisms, just like you and I. They exhaled oxygen and inhaled harmful carbon dioxide making them important to our ecosystem. I, like every other naive and untrained kid in my class, bought this causation, and the next year, like my textbook, abandoned it in the realms of my subconscious mind. Continue reading “A little about my own tryst with composting & all about walking that extra green mile”

Being human could be being zero waste


By Claire Rao

When Bangalore was reeling under the so-called ‘garbage crisis’, I was blissfully untouched by it. The reason – I compost all organic waste, including garden waste, generated in my house and take all the recyclables to the Dry Waste Collection Centre (DWCC). I love the concept of being ‘Zero Waste’, which has become the new mantra in every aspect of my life. This idea might sound very utopian but after years of segregating waste and encouraging and educating people around me about the necessity of doing so, I have learnt that the easiest way is to drastically reduce the amount of waste that we generate. Continue reading “Being human could be being zero waste”

Dharavi: Why not make the invisible, visible?

The collection of Waste

“Mumbai is a crowd. Dharavi, with people oozing out of every crack and countless quarters of artisans and small industries, is often referred to as the throbbing heart of the city” –  V.S. Naipaul

By Pinky Chandran

Born and brought up in Bombay, like other Mumbaikars, I took Dharavi for granted. It was a place that one just passed by, either in disdain or disgust. Stories of the Underworld and mafia dominated the narratives of Dharavi. It was the go-to place for people who came to Mumbai with dreams of a better life, but chose to stay there or the surrounding areas for the cheaper rentals. Continue reading “Dharavi: Why not make the invisible, visible?”

Garbage crisis and Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan


By Sandya Narayana

Garbage crisis, the veritable hot potato, is still too hot to handle and is still moving hand to hand . With every new person who comes into the system to handle it, one is hopeful, but seems like the garbage crisis gets the better of them and leaves them singed from the experience. Even the High Court which did an admirable job of holding the hot potato well for a while , seems to have retreated into a cooling period. Continue reading “Garbage crisis and Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan”